YA Publishing FAQ
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Some generic advice for all writers, but especially those who want to stand out in the midst of the chaotic YA publishing sphere: read Query Shark.

What are queries?
Queries are letters submitted to literary agents; they give a quick plot of the book. It allows literary agents a chance to check out your writing and see if they’ll be interested in representing you. Literary agents get over 100 queries a month, so having a query that stands out is important if you want your work to be picked up.

Why are queries important?
Queries are the only way to get a literary agent’s attention if you don’t already know one. Literary agents are one of the few ways, and the most reliable way, for you to be earn a traditional publishing contract; they have connections, help strengthen and edit your work, and help with contract negotiations. (Literary agents rock.)

What is Query Shark?
Query Shark is a website run by literary agent Janet Reid. The site outlines generic information about queries and what they should look like. She also tears into queries submitted to the website, going through what can be fixed and made better. Reading the archives is an amazing way to strengthen your query writing as well as your overall writing!

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May 1,2013 14 notes

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